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Sylvester was given to my husband on Fathers Day 1997. He truly was his cat, too. Sylvester
went to bed with him, played with him, sat on his legs when John was watching TV and also G
Kitty's best friend. G would lick him and groom him all the time. I think G Kitty thought
we got Sylvester for him. G Kitty liked Sylvester from day 1. He groomed him, slept with
him and played and played. G would be so rough that Sylvester would be screaming "uncle".
When Sylvester got bigger he used to stalk G and attack him. G would try to run from him.
Sylvester and G Kitty were together since G Kitty was 4 months old and Sylvester 2 months.
When Sylvester and G Kitty were about 10 years old, Sylvester went outside and was gone.
He was an inside cat. We could not believe he was outside missing. He was gone about a week
.Then, One day, there he was. Walked in the house like no big deal! We were so happy! I was
not watching him everyday so, when he started to meow very loudly, I wondered why? I noticed
he could not drink water. There was something wrong with his tongue. John took him to the
Vet and was told he had some disease with his tongue and he would eventually die. My husband
had to make a big decision right then. Bring him home and watch Sylvester die or put him to
sleep. He chose to put him to sleep. John stopped to cry on his way home :-(